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Willing To Wait



Willing To Wait


[verse 1]

Baby slow down just here me out

Theres something i gotta let you know

No need push no need to rush

You know you had me from hello


[hook 1]

When it comes to my heart i dont play

Baby boy cant you see the stop sign

Your movin much to fast

Baby love doesnt grow in a day

Just get it right the first time

Make this feeling last



Baby if your willing to wait

We just take our time

Dont you know that its getting late

And i know whats on your mind

I know this feeling is crazy

Its mutual baby

But we dont have to rush something real

Baby if your willing to wait

We can just take our time


[verse 2]

Boy cant you see i’m not tryna be

The girl who gets taken for a ride

If you take your time and you will find

Theres so much more to me inside

And just say theres no need to delay

Your telling me to trust you

Boy you know i want to baby

But my heart gets so recently break

Before we take this very far show me who you really are


[chorus out]

Willing To Wait

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