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Video: Cop loves dancing to Rihanna

Stig ‘Tonish’ Tonsjø loves nothing more than combining his two passions: being a cop and dancing to Rihanna. The Norwegian posted this video of himself getting down to the pop star’s music in – and around – his patrol car. Dressed in full uniform, the Oslo officer tells the camera:

“I like music. I love Rihanna and I’m proud to be a Norwegian police officer. So please, don’t stop the music.”

He intended to show that police officers are regular people and spread positivity, Tonsjø told Politiforum.

“I want to show that there are interests behind the uniform of us police officers, just as there are with other people,” he said.

Let’s all take a moment and watch Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop The Music” video again:

Via RT

Source: Rihanna Daily

Video: Cop loves dancing to Rihanna

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