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Rihanna Endangered by Stalker

Rihanna Endangered by Stalker

Rihanna Endangered by Stalker

Rihanna Returns to the Studio

Rihanna Endangered by Stalker

Over the past few weeks Rihanna has been inseparable from her bodyguard, and now we know why.

Police are searching for a man using the names Alex Mercer and Ralph Alexander who posted a photo of himself standing outside Rihanna’s home (above) on April 30, 2015.

While a selfie is hardly threatening his tweeter messages are, they read, ‘Should of killed @rihanna a minute back I would be good right now’.

gun with shells

And, ‘Sorcery is a weapon I use guns. Can’t. Use hands’.

And if that’s not creepy enough he posted a photo of a gun with the caption, ‘@chrisbrown don’t run.’

Police are taking these threats VERY seriously and with nobody IDing this man yet, they’re trying to track him through social media.

If you know who this man is please notify the police! And you can help by re-sharing this!




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