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Rihanna poses for Puma Ads

Rihanna poses for Puma Ads

Rihanna in JFK airport

Rihanna in Puma ad

Rihanna poses for Puma Ads

Rihanna arrived in NYC on Friday just a couple of days after the photo shoot for Puma.

If you recall RiRi’s is Puma’s new Creative Director and this is her first appearance in the company’s latest ad campaign.

Of course as Puma’s Creative Director Rihanna has some input in the companies fashion designs which she was seen wearing walking through JFK airport.

Wearing a heavy camouflage Puma coat and ball cap she looked happy to be back in the Big Apple after rumors emerged that she was seeing Leonardo Di Caprio again.

An unnamed source told InTouch Magazine that the two are seeing each other again, and that Rihanna is looking for something a little more serious this time.

Saying, “Rihanna went running back to him shortly after Coachella. She just couldn’t get over him. She’s still really into him.”

It was reported that RiRi ended it with the Titanic star after his unwillingness to commit, which is something she plans to fix.

“Right now, they pretty much just hook up and go to each other’s houses late at night, but Rihanna’s holding out hope that Leo will eventually commit. She’s obsessed.”




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