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Rihanna Celebrates Melissa’s Birthday

Rihanna Celebrates Melissa’s Birthday

Rihanna red pants

Rihanna and Mellissa

Rihanna Celebrates Melissa’s Birthday

It was Melissa’s 29th birthday and her BFF aka Rihanna was there to help her celebrate it.

Rihanna posted some snaps on her Instagram, one shows Melissa standing in a doorway with lots of big colorful balloons and the captioned: ‘CAUGHT DA B**CH wukkin up in de mirror!!!!’

Several others show the girls and their friends hanging out together as they enjoyed the nice California weather.

Rihanna red hair

Later RiRi posted a picture of herself with her new hair color and wearing purple lipstick as she seems very pleased with her new look.

Certainly it’s been a good week for the pop star as her new movie ‘Home’ has been a huge success at the box office, bringing in an impressive $179.4M in sales worldwide.




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