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New #ANTIdiaRy experience in New York City

Rihanna keeps on surprising her Navy!

On Thursday (December 17), it was New York City’s fans turn to get lucky. At 3pm local time, @iamthekeyholder posted the following image with the caption:

Until 9pm today. Strictly limited appointments for over 18’s only. #ANTIdiaRy

In the meantime, lucky fan Owen was the first to receive a mysterious box containing a Samsung S6 — full of clues.

However, Owen wasn’t the only one… Find after the jump more images, clues and what really happened inside the NYC location.

Back in New York City, fans were lining up in Wall Street outside yet another mysterious building:

Thanks to fan theycallmecash we can now know more details:

Okay so this afternoon I saw the Keyholder’s posts and then saw someone get post picture clues on their phone they received. I knew exactly where in NYC it was. I rushed out of the door and caught the subway downtown. Got out and it was pouring rain. I ran over to Federal Hall and saw people on the steps examining the statue. A couple guys called out and told us to line up. They each handed us a copy of the Oralia Corporation business card and told us this guaranteed our meeting. They told us we’d go inside in groups of five. I was the second group. Waited in the pouring rain, no unbrella but it was so worth it. My group was instructed to walk up the stairs and inside. They marked our hands with a marker and let us pass. Inside the front door was a short woman in front of another door. She greeted us, took our names down in a Samsung phone and thanked us for our dedication and told us we were the best set of recruits yet. She also said our journey was almost over. She said discretion was a must with the company and no phones were allowed. At this point my phone was exploding with texts and tweets and as I silenced it, she smiled at me and said, “can you keep a secret?” I said yes and she opened the doors. When she opened them, it opened to a GIGANTIC dark room. In the center was a desk with five chairs in front of it and as we approached I saw a woman sitting there in a blazer and skirt with hair in a bun, playing with a pen in her hand. She welcomed us to the Oralia Corporation and said our discretion was a must and that we were perfect candidates for the job. We ALL had eyes locked on her and she then asked, “what color is the pen I am holding?” while she hid it from our sight. Myself and the guy next to me said, “gold.” She asked if the rest trusted us and they did and she said, “yes, gold. That’s what we deal with here.” She crossed to the front of the desk and stood in front of us and asked us if we were ready for our task. She said “then let’s get to work.” And she led us away. She took us to the hallway with the black lights. On the walls were pencil drawings, hard to make out and she took us through rather quickly. She led us up and down stairs and then down one last set which led to another very open dark lit room, with very few dim lights on the ceiling leading us in a straight line all across. She let us cross alone. At the end we saw another woman who did not speak to us but she guided us around a corner. That’s where my jaw dropped. Turning the corner, I gasped. It was a gigantic gold vault. It had two gigantic half circle doors, and EVERYTHING was gold and had Braille on it. Fake tokens were all across the door and we went in one by one. In this vault were five men: one in a gray suit and four “tellers” that were working away on typewriters and counting coins. I was second in the room. The first guy was called and the gray suit guy called him to a side room. I touched the walls and locked eyes with a teller and after this long pause of staring at each other, he said, “Matthew?” And I said “yes that’s me.” And he led me to a small private sitting area just for us. He sat down and had a small burlap bag in his hand. He said, “this is your bag.” He put it in my hands and held my hands for a moment like out of respect or solidarity. He then said, “if you watch closely, you’ll see how we do things here.” He took my bag and opened it and took out a handful of coins and put them on this small tray table which separated us. He then started stacking the coins in stacks of five. I watched him and then he said, “you know, no one ever escapes this place. It’s always about the gold. But there was one who escaped. She was the only one.” I asked what her name was and he said he did not know. He continued, “she knew money wasn’t everything, that freedom is the ultimate treasure.” He kept counting coins and then he reached into the bag and pulled out my key with my tag on it. My face lit up and I got so excited like you have no idea. He said, “this key…this looks like her key, the key she used to escape. It was in your bag….so it is now yours. This is your key.” He handed it to me and said, “do you want to be like her? Do you want to escape?” I said yes. He asked again, but louder, and I replied yes louder. One more time and we like almost yelled it at each other. Then **** happened so quickly. He grabbed my arm, told me “this way!” and led me around a corner and said “RUN!” I ran like fking hell and then the suit guy was next to the stairs and screamed at me “THIS WAY! HURRY!” I passed by more black lights and turned a corner and saw a GIANT pencil drawing of a stick figure with a crown over its eyes. I then turned right and ran to the end of the hallway and saw a door. I ran through it…and was back outside in the pouring rain.


At 9pm EST, @iamthekeyholder wrote:

As for the other lucky fans who received the Samsung phone, check out a few more photos and videos:

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More to come…

Source: Rihanna Daily

New #ANTIdiaRy experience in New York City

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