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Loveeeeeee Songs: Rihanna’s 52 Singles, Ranked

The best and the rest from Queen RiRi

by Pitchfork 

More than any pop star today, Rihanna makes it look easy. But a look at the numbers proves that her career has been anything but that: Across 12 years, eight albums, and 52 singles as a lead artist or equally billed collaborator, she has reinvented and redefined herself in incredible ways. She’s flipped from sunny Bajan princess to take-no-prisoners pop assassin, from EDM chart-topper to bawdy rap slayer, from reluctant center of tabloid scrutiny to a boss fully in charge of her own deeply enviable life. She’s arguably the most influential singer of the past decade. Hell, even Spider-Man tries to be Rihanna at this point. Here’s Pitchfork’s list of her best radio moments—all of Rihanna’s singles, ranked.

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Source: Rihanna Infinity

Loveeeeeee Songs: Rihanna’s 52 Singles, Ranked

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