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Harper’s Bazaar names Rihanna a style icon

Women in entertainment, modeling, and politics have influenced both street and runway style—establishing them as our modern tastemakers. Michelle Obama introduced the world to clean lines and homegrown American fashion when she became first lady in 2008. Madonna designed her own style, from underwear-as-outerwear to layered costume jewelry, for her performances in the ’80s and ’90s. Here, we look at women who made fashion their own and continue to inspire pop stars and style mavens today.


She’s the cool girl with a hint of the unexpected. Pajamas to a club? Yes. A completely see-through dress on the red carpet? Why not? It’s all part of Rihanna’s style persona. For the everyday woman, Rihanna proves that the value of dressing for shock is completely valid. Her most memorable looks range from a revealing tuxedo jacket, a giant sweatshirt with hiking boots, or her extravagant yellow getup at the Met Gala. She’ll try almost anything once, inspiring trends both high and low along the way.


View the full list at Harper’s Bazaar.

Source: Rihanna Daily

Harper’s Bazaar names Rihanna a style icon

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