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ANTIdiaRy – What do we know so far?

If you were watching the American Music Awards last night you might’ve seen a mysterious commercial airing through the show. What does it all mean? First of all Rihanna tell us we got to look closely at her ANTIdiaRy website and see how the mystery unfolds.

“The answers are all in your hands,” says a promo commercial. And by your hands, they mean your smartphone.

The Bedroom

In the first level of ANTIdiaRy, we visit a white, airy bedroom. It’s a little spooky and eerie, and as we move around the room we encounter a handful of “clues.” In one, childish drawings of airplanes flying to Africa, America and Barbados decorate the walls. “Robyn Rihanna Fenty” is scrawled on another wall. Under the bed rests a paper airplane made of sheet music. Another clue leads you to the “keyholder” Instagram account, where even more cryptic clues are waiting for more enterprising, adventurous fans looking to find the physical key. Some say it migh point to more clues on location while the other discuss if it’s a tour tease.

Also under the bed is a book with a note written to Robyn (Rihanna’s real name), telling her, “There’s gold in your voice. Follow it.” Two children are playing the piano in another clue video, and a little girl with a crown over her eyes enters the room. What does it all mean?!

This room symbolizes the beginnings of Rihanna’s career, the roots of her fame. There’s sand on the floor like the sand of Barbados. There’s no roof in the room, only sky, which meant that for child Rihanna, the sky was the limit for her dreams. R1 = The Music Of The Sun.

The First Teaser

Did you notice that…?

  • the rocking horse has BLUE eyes
  • the map shows Barbados on location
  • on the wall we say Rihanna’s full name – Robyn Rihanna Fenty

The Second Teaser

In the second ANTIDiary Bedroom teaser we see children from hiding under a bed sheet… The  The Third Teaser

  • She has NO TATTOOS!
  • The Samsung phone has a Braille message “Wake Destiny”
  • Another closeup at rocking horse’s BLUE eyes
  • Rihanna leaves the room and grabs R8 key
  • The room turns BLUE

Adult Rihanna appears in the bedroom scene, peering at the children from underneath the blanket and walking through the room in a light blue dress. The color blue features heavily in this segment; what does it mean to Rih? The little girl in the crown is illuminated in blue, and so is Rihanna. Her hair and lipstick are a deep, indigo blue. From the first room of the experience, we know that Rihanna is drawing from the innocence of childhood.

The Fourth Teaser    

  • The music changed. We no longer hear a steady piano tunes but a electronic beat.
  • We get a peak into other rooms
  • The typewriter has only keys “7” and “8” visible
  • there’s a creepy lady behind a desk
  • women dressed as maids change Rihanna’s clothes. The room is blue
  • we see a tattoo gun taken by Rihanna who now has her tattoos
  • her nails are blue
  • blue paint

We’re not waiting to discover what secret holds the second room! If you found any more clues make sure to share them with other fans HERE.


Credits: Pitchfork, Teen Vogue

Source: Rihanna Daily

ANTIdiaRy – What do we know so far?

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