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ANTIdiaRY – Studio

The second room in is now open! The room was launched couple minutes after midnight EST. Make sure to use your mobile device to see it. Did you find all the clues yet? See below what we found there!


Before entering the room we can watch a new video. Rihanna is seen entering the studio and the music takes her over. We hear music. This is a song that is rumored to be called “Only if for a night”. We could hear it already as an intro on latest Rihanna shows.

We enter the studio.

Again we need to move our mobile devide to see the complete room. While pointing on objects we unlock clues.

We look on the right side and there’s a speaker with Samsung phone on it. This clue requires you to own Samsung Galaxy devide.


After unlocking it we see 4 images.

On the last one we see the ANTI child with description “Silence or Starlight”. The link points to IAmKeyholder Instagram.

We go right again and we see even bigger speaker. It loads a voice sound of ANTI child.


“My voice is my power. My mark will be pernament. The transformation is coming and there’s strenght in numbers.”

We go to the right side again and we see a reflection of a man. It loads a map in 3 parts. We already put it together for you.


This is the map of ANTIdiaRy room. We can see The Bedroom, The Studio and rooms that yet need to be discovered.

When we point on another speaker we hear the ANTI child speaking again.

“Silence whirls around me. A poisonous power goes dark and the beginning will be here soon.”

There’s also a man standing in the room. When we point at him we another message told by multiple voices. Both men and women.


“My voice is my power. Your face emerges from the shadows. A transformation is coming. The world will see who I am. I follow you into the darkness. We awake the greatness. There is gold at the end of this journey. How do you drown out the noise. There is no end. Only new beginnings.”


Make sure to visit it yourself!

Source: Rihanna Daily

ANTIdiaRY – Studio

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